What's the mission?

Our goal is to provide a simple and zero-cost web store system with strong privacy and independence from centralized marketplaces and custodial payment providers.

Why Wordpress?

We initially considered both approaches of building OnionBazaar Store on existing code vs. starting from scratch. We concluded that the upsides of using an established framework greatly outweigh the downsides. Wordpress has been around for decades, with thousands of developers peer-reviewing and improving the code. Today it is running 1/3 of all existing websites and has become highly secure, modular and customizable.

Which payment providers are supported?

The preinstalled payment gateways are Bitcoin, Paypal and Cash. More options will be integrated in future updates, next up is Monero and Ethereum/ERC20. You can also install additional payment plugins for pretty much any form of payment from the Wordpress Plugin Directory.

Is OnionBazaar Tor-only?

No, you can choose between Onion Domain (Tor Hidden Service) and Regular Domain, with the ability to switch between the two later on. The Domain Type is independant from other settings within your store, like routing outgoing traffic over Tor, removing email from registration or chosing between the regular shipping information form and a simple textbox on checkout.

Is OnionBazaar anonymous?

OnionBazaar is designed to be as privacy-preserving as possible for both vendors and customers. Everything runs through Tor and works with disabled Javascript. However we do not make guarantees on anonymity of any sort, you are responsible for your own actions.